Our Green Ethos

Our no-airs and graces, come in your muddy boots attitude has created a wonderful, homely, and uniquely casual but warm environment, where laughter is encouraged.  We’re carbon conscious and strive to have the least impact but deliver the maximum experience for our awesome guests.​

We are trying to do our bit for this little planet of ours and additional to the Biomass and Hydro schemes, which keep us running, there are a few other things we try to do on the farm, in order to stay as green as possible:

No single use plastics i.e., drinking water, shower caps, etc

LED lighting throughout the farm.

Lights on timers and sensors, where possible

Bee husbandry and hives on the farm.

Our own eggs from our ducks and chickens.

Growing our own vegetables.

All our cleaning products are eco-friendly, with our main product being the KOH system.

Replaced all of our complimentary sponges, cloths etc with compostable alternatives. 

Our " Who Gives a Crap" toilet paper, derived from bamboo and recycled products.

Our farm recycling centre and compost bins enable our guests to help us dispose of waste responsibly. All our commercial waste is separated on the farm and then collected.

Electric car charging point.

Secure heated bike store, encouraging guest to move around the area on sustainable transport

All showers and taps have aerators/restrictors fitted reducing water usage.

Collection of surface water to supply hanging baskets and plants around the farm

Member of the Green Tourism scheme.

Replaced all open coal fires to log burners in all our properties.

Moved all LPG cooking appliances to more efficient electric ones

Local brewery used for all our beer.

Our meat is all locally sourced from within the county... our lamb is from here or the farm across the road...Doesn't get more local than that!

We use local Cumbrian suppliers and small family businesses where possible.

We support local charities such as Fix the Fells and Great North Air Ambulance Service, donations can be made via a QR code in the lounge.

Supporting the return of Red Squirrels to the area and we even have a couple on the farm currently.

Recycle all our old appliances and furniture through our local community. 

See our Carbon Footprint picture for more details and watch this space for what we are up to next!