Lauren L

The Team

Lozza! (aka Lauren L)

Lauren joined us in May 2021 as our Ops Manager to help Jess take some maternity leave with Oscar. She is a happy face around the farm and can tackle any problem thrown her way! So much so, that she has become an integral part of our business and keeps the wheels turning on a day-to-day basis. Most of our guests will have communicated with her before they arrive as she manages all the bookings, housekeeping and more, ensuring that our high standards are kept. Lauren is from Manchester, always has fantastic jazzy nails and is becoming more of a foodie by the day. Oh, and she is always keen for a bit of impromptu Oscar sitting!


Sam joined us Autumn 2020 as part of our awesome apprenticeship scheme. He has now  finished his final exams at college, with a  distinction and we are uber proud of him! We’re delighted he is now adding another feather to his cap, embarking on a patisserie course. He is our Junior Sous currently and is working hard at becoming Will’s right hand. Originally from Bristol, Sam worked with Will & Jess in France and spent some time travelling Oz. He is an insane off-piste skier and mountain biker and  also loves a good glass of wine!

Lauren T

Lauren T

Lauren T joined us part-time in Summer 2020 to initially help with the admin load two days a week. She now does so much more! Not only does she keep us all in check (especially Dave!), but she also keeps the office running smoothly, helps with finances and also acts as FoH when our other Lauren is off. She is a foodie through and through - there isn’t a restaurant or café she hasn’t tried in The Lakes. She always has the best recommendations! Work-life balance is Lauren’s jam and her favourite saying is, “Don’t come home from a holiday without another one booked”. We couldn’t agree more!


Emily joined the Yan team in March 2024 as a General Assistant. Having lived and worked in Grasmere for the past few years, she has fallen in love with the area—and who could blame her? Emily is an awesome source of local knowledge, especially when it comes to the best walks and hidden spots for a wild swim. On those sunny evenings, you might even spot her out on her paddleboard, enjoying Grasmere Lake after her working day finishes!


Jasper also joined our farm team in March 2024—what a lucky month for us! Originally from New Zealand, Jasper has been working in the Lake District for the past few years. While he joined us as a General Assistant, he has discovered a real flair for the kitchen. You will often see Jasper leaving the farm all dressed up and ready to tackle his daily fell runs. With phone in hand, he keeps us updated on his adventures, and his snaps frequently feature in our weekly Yan moment!