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After the incredible news that Cumbria is now home to 15 Michelin stars and 1 green star, 5 of those within a 20 minute drive from us, it is incredible to be part of a county where food and produce sits at the heart. 

We're inviting you to join us in a celebration of a different kind of love - a love for the fantastic local produce, artisan bakeries, family run butchers and mouth-watering treats that our beautiful Lake District has to offer.

Grasmere Brewery

Grasmere Brewery

Paul and Beth at Grasmere Brewery have been wonderful supporters from the get-go, right there with us since we all embarked on our business journeys together. It's been quite the ride, watching and aiding each other's growth over the years!

Their beers and ales are just perfect for our quaint bar. They're brewed with such care and enthusiasm, which truly shines through with every sip – the ideal refreshment following a day out on the fells, in our view.

And now, they've ventured into distilling as well, producing some fine quality gin and vodka. There's even talk of them experimenting with whisky soon. Quite the exciting development, wouldn't you say?

Grasmere Brewery Website

Lucia's Bakehouse

Lucy and Ewan, our dear friends, have been the heart and soul of their delightful bake house in Grasmere village for more than a decade now.

They whip up everything right there, from Ewan's sumptuous bread to Lucy's delectable sweet treats, and let's not overlook their irresistible sausage rolls.

Truly, it's the quintessential spot for a nibble, whether you're setting off for, returning from, or in the midst of a fell adventure... though, honestly, you don't even need an excuse to pop in.

Everything's served up with a side of delicious coffee and cheerful service that just brightens your day.

Lucia's Instagram

Lucia's Bakehouse
Coffee at The Yan

Red Bank Coffee

Red Bank, cosily situated in the English Lake District's core, embarked on its adventure in 2015 from the unassuming Unit 4C on Lake Road Estate, Coniston.

This charming roastery has garnered a loyal fan base thanks to its outstanding coffee and unwavering dedication to quality, traceability, and sustainability.

Their initiatives span from partnering with eco-conscious coffee producers to streamlining supply chains, embracing eco-friendly materials, and reducing waste and energy consumption.

We've been fans since our own beginning, drawn in by their values that align so closely with ours, and, icing on the cake, their coffee is absolutely scrumptious!

Red Bank Website

Garside's Butchers

Garside's Butchers is marking its 40th anniversary this year!

This special generational family run business in the heart of Ambleside is the epitome of local produce. All of their meat is sourced from the county and showcases a true celebration of what Cumbria has to offer.

Employing age-old butchery techniques, some of which have fallen out of common practice, adds an extra layer of flavour to their meats, making them uniquely delicious.

Be sure to pop in when you're next close by!

Garside's Facebook Page

Garside's Butchers
The Apple Pie Bakery

The Apple Pie Bakery

The Fielding family has truly outdone themselves with their multi-generational bakery, a cornerstone of Ambleside, renowned for its delectable freshly baked goodies, sumptuous bread, and lively cafe atmosphere.

It's not all about apple pies here, though they're fantastic. Our latest obsession? Their coffee éclair – it's simply irresistible, and we find ourselves craving it time and again.

And let's not overlook their annual beer festival every October. This event is a highlight, drawing together numerous businesses for a weekend filled with the celebration of local brews, live music, and a fantastic sense of community. It's a testament to the bakery's commitment not just to great food but to fostering local connections and festivities.

Apple Pie's Website and Shop

Shed 1

Zoe and Andy are an unstoppable duo. Their quaint shed in Ulverston isn't just a gin production site; it's the birthplace of some of the finest gin globally.

But they don't stop at crafting exceptional spirits. They also offer distillery tours, host afternoon teas, and even organise weddings – they truly do it all!

Moreover, their commitment to sustainability and a robust green philosophy is at the heart of everything they do.

We're huge fans – they're simply amazing!

Shed 1's Website

Shed 1 Gin
Torpenhow Organic Cheese Company

Torpenhow Organic

The Torpenhow Cheese Company, nestled in the village of Torpenhow, just north of Keswick, was founded in 2019 and has swiftly risen to prominence for its artisanal cheeses.

Utilising organic milk from their Jersey/Friesian herd, this family-operated farm crafts cheeses that are as rich in flavour as they are in heritage. Their dedication to quality and sustainability shines through not only in their transformation of an old hay barn into a modern dairy but also in their commitment to the environment.

Achieving full organic status by June 2020 and actively enhancing biodiversity with native hedgerows and conservation of their Atlantic Woodland, they offer more than just cheese – they deliver a piece of their passion and pristine surroundings in every product.

Torpenhow Organic Website

Wild & Fruitful

From Dave and Victoria Seymour, part of the Lingholm lot based out of Keswick, Wild & Fruitful have been creating amazing tastes from local produce for over 20 years. Their extensive product range now includes Chutneys, Sauces, Jams, Marmalades, Honey and Peanut Butter. Using traditional methods, every product they make is 100% natural with no artificial colours or additives. They make everything in small batches following recipes that have been skilfully developed to bring out the taste of the wonderful country produce they use.
They have cultivated strong ties with Cumbrian growers to bring us fresh, local produce, reducing food miles and supporting our community, all with sustainability in mind! Led by Keswick-based chef Jake Winter, a proud Cumbrian, their commitment to regional ingredients has led to some pretty exciting collaborations.
Passing through the area? Pop into Lingholm for some great grub and a lovely wander around the estate, you may even come across our Joel who now works in their kitchen!

Wild & Fruitful's Website

Wild & Fruitful
Zingi Bear

Zingi Bear

Introducing Laurie, the fantastic founder of Zingi Bear, a true enthusiast not just for flavours but a genuine lover of all things food and drink – a match made in heaven for us, and we bet you'd agree! With a wealth of wisdom and experience from his adventures, Laurie's journey led him to seek a treat that's both healthier and delicious.

In his quest to redefine soft drinks, Laurie delved into experimenting with natural and organic ingredients. Along this exciting journey, he stumbled upon a timeless gem: Switchel. Once a farmer's delight, Switchel skilfully combines apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon, and honey for a perfect flavour balance. It's become a household favourite for our Jess and Will, who are bound to have a bottle or 5 in the fridge!

Crafted with responsibly sourced organic ingredients, Zingi Bear is all about prioritising taste without making compromises. Cheers to that!

Zingi Bear's Website

Eva's Organics

Eva's Organics, a small family-owned operation, operating with a generous spirit at its core. Spearheaded by Mike and Debbie Simpson and their son, Robert, the business adopts organic, eco-friendly practices to cultivate fruits and vegetables throughout the year in Cumbria.

Their exquisite apple juice, is crafted from organically grown apples handpicked from their orchard. By pressing only the finest apples in limited quantities, they manage to capture a juice that's both refreshingly crisp and rich in flavour. A firm fave here on the farm at brekkie!

Completely devoid of added sugars, sweeteners, or any superfluous additives, their juice exemplifies their commitment to an organic cultivation system. This approach not only nurtures the environment but also enriches the soil and aids in carbon sequestration, all while eschewing synthetic fertilisers.

Eva Organics Website

Eva's Organics Vegetable Boxes
Lovingly Artisan Bread

Lovingly Artisan

Aidan's bread is the staple of our breakfast menu and without it our brekkies certainly wouldn't be the same. 

A truly innovative and ethical baker, Aidan works closely with farmers and millers to source the best flour he can. He champions the use of heritage-grain flours in sourdough baking to create breads that are good for the tummy, good for the soil and good for the soul.

Lovingly Artisan's Website

Pure Lakes

Ever since The Yan opened its doors, we've been huge fans of Gareth & Sandra's incredible offerings. Their dedication to crafting effective, plant-based skincare products is evident, and they've truly excelled in this area!

Their delightful products, known for their enchanting fragrance and natural composition, are a staple across all our farm properties. We simply can't get enough of them.

Excitingly, they've recently moved to a new location and have started to offer tours and "create your own" workshops. Quite the day out!

Pure Lake's Website

Pure Lakes Skincare
Cumbrian Baker

Cumbrian Baker

Our Shazza is truly remarkable! Venturing out to start her own business amidst the challenges of COVID-19 was nothing short of inspiring.

Her cakes are absolutely divine, and it's no surprise to find them gracing many shops and cafes across Cumbria. But there's more to her story – she's not limited to wholesale.

Shazza has opened her very own charming shop in Cockermouth, definitely a must-visit if you're in the area. Plus, she's a master of celebration cakes, capable of bringing any dream creation to life!

Cumbrian Baker's Facebook Page

Hawkshead Relish 

A family-run business that has been our steadfast supporter since the beginning! Hawkshead Relish started with a humble selection of 2-3 products and has now blossomed into a range of over 100 items. Among our favourites are Wills' go-to, the Black Garlic Ketchup, Gee's pick, the Bloody Mary Ketchup, Jess's delight, the Raspberry and Vanilla Jam, Pete's choice, the Cheeky Chilli Salsa, Lozza's top pick, the Lemon Curd, and Sam's favourite, the Chillililla Pickle – truly a family favourite!

Mark's creative and flavourful contributions have earned Hawkshead Relish an impressive haul of more than 60 Great Taste Awards, pretty awesome if you ask us. Despite their growth, the team remains dedicated to handcrafting all their products using traditional open pans. What's even better, their creations are crafted to be free from Nuts, Gluten, Additives, and Preservatives. Inclusivity is at the heart of their business, with all offerings suitable for vegetarians, and the majority also being vegan-friendly. Cheers to a family-run business that continues to bring joy to our taste buds!

Hawkshead Relish Website

Hawkshead Relish

Although this is quite the list, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what Cumbria has to offer in the way of bespoke small family businesses. These businesses need to be protected and supported so pop in and treat yourself when you're in the area!