Twixmas Breaks Lake District - Cocktails

Tipple or Two

Don't fancy a vino? Our cocktails and mocktails are made with local spirits and our Yan made syrups, vermouths and infused boozes.

We use ingredients we've foraged from the local area or grown ourselves here on the farm, to create the perfect boozy or boozeless treats. Our menu changes frequently to keep up with the seasons and the amazing produce right on our doorstep.

Wine more your vibe? Take a look at our wine list!


Chuckleberry Ya-Groni. Classic Negroni with a summery twist! Shed One Chuckleberry gin is mixed with Aperol and finished with our own elderflower vermouth. Chuckleberries are a hybrid of gooseberries, redcurrants and jostaberries and trust us, they are delicious! £9.95

Yan Fizz. Pimp up your Prosecco, with our own syrups made here on the farm. Just ask for todays flavours! £8.95

Broadrayne Bumpkin. Sea buckthorn is one of our favourite flavours here on the farm, it even made an appearance in Jess and Will’s wedding cake! This is our new favourite Caipirinha. Cachaca is stirred with sea buckthorn, orange and maple syrup. Tropical and fruity. £12.45

Old Yan Collins. Lakes elderflower gin, strawberry and our own limoncello make up the heart of this refreshing long drink. Light, refreshing and fruity..a tasty, tasty treat! £9.95

North-Star Yantini. A foraging focused take on a Pornstar martini. Sea buckthorn, again takes centre stage giving its tropical flavour profile to this classic cocktail. Woodruff, Birch and Maple syrup replaces the vanilla, to really amp up the flavour. With prosecco of course...stunning. £11.95

Beer Pêche. “Beer Pêche” is Gee’s favourite ski trip tipple, it doesn’t matter if that’s in the alps or here in the lakes, it’s the perfect refreshment after a big day out. Grasmere brewery lager is enhanced with our peach and ginger cordial, simple as that! Or why not go alcohol free with Hawkshead Trail angel? £6.25

Wild Mary. Our Lakeland larder has provided for this spicy classic. We’ve infused wild garlic leaves with Grasmere Brewery vodka. Shaken with tomato juice, celery salt, Worcestershire sauce and tabasco. Jess’s all-time favourite, but that’s a story for another day...£10.45

Kendal Mint Cake Mojito. If Kendal mint cake helped get Hillary and Norgay to the top of Everest, it can definitely get you back to the bistro for another mojito! This classic minty cocktail has subtle hints of chocolate, emboldening the richness of Angostura 5-year-old rum. £11.95

Hedonistic Herdwick. A true taste of the lakes. Lakes distillery whiskey washed with Herdwick Lamb fat, mixed with birch, woodruff & maple syrup. A rich and decadent old fashioned. £13.95

Lakes Espresso Martini. A true classic with a local twist. Lakes Distillery Salted Caramel Vodka, Tia Maria & Red Bank Penny Rock Espresso. £11.95

The Yan at Broadrayne Serving Drinks
Drinks at The Yan


Yan Soft Spritz. A refreshing non-alcoholic alternative using our fruit cordials, made here on the farm using our own fruits, topped up with soda water & ice. £5.95

Yan No-Tini. A boozeless version of a classic martini we use Bax 0% spirit and our very own alcohol free vermouth, infued with elderflower & black pepper. That boozey flavour without the booze! £7.45

Summer Cup. The ultimate mocktail, our very own 0% summer cup enchanced by Bax Botanics 0% lengthened with lemonade. Garnished with strawberry, lime and mint. £7.95

Bax Botanics & Tonic. All the flavour of Gin with none of the booze, you won’t feel like you’re missing out with this non-alcoholic alternative! Choose from Verbena or Sea Buckthorn flavour. £6.45

Hawkshead Trail Angel 0.5% - An endearing pale ale brewed with American hops to bring big tropical flavours, even with the low alcohol, served on draught.

Half pint - £3.25 Pint - £4.95