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Our Foodprint

From our "foodprint", carbon conscious choices to pre-ordering, we are working hard to make little changes that will lead to the longevity of this beautiful place we call home.

Why we love a pre-order?!

The hospitality sector in the UK is responsible for 1.1 million tonnes of food waste each year, 75% of this is seen as avoidable. Food waste is the 3rd largest contributor to the world's carbon emissions - we are trying to do our bit (albeit small) and we would love your help.

Will has worked hard to reduce our kitchen food waste within his menu design and only makes a limited amount of each dish a day, we're asking for a helping hand to help us reduce this further.

Our recent study alongside ECO-I NW and Cumbria University found that if all our guests were to pre-order their meal, it would provide an annual carbon saving of 1.174 tons and reduce our food waste by 50%!

This, alongside being able to guarantee that you get exactly what you would like when you dine with us, as everything is made from scratch and once it is gone, it's gone ... makes it a no-brainer for us.

Inside the Kitchen of the Yan Bistro
The hatch of the Yan Bistro

Carbon-conscious menu choices.

In the UK, the average CO2 emissions per dish, in a restaurant, is 8kgs. Our summer menu, last year, ran at an average of 1.81kg per dish, our new Summer menu is running at an average of 1.56kg per dish, which we are very proud of.

This means our average CO2 emissions per average restaurant guest, including any food waste, currently sits at 3.59kg.

Click below to see more detail on our menu carbon output.

Mindful Menu