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Kitchen Hours for Dinner: Monday to Friday from 4:00pm to 8:45pm

Saturday from 3:00pm to 8:45pm 

Sunday from 1:00pm to 7:00pm

Breakfast: 8:00am to 9:15am

Our bistro is open to everyone, non-resident bistro availability is released 8 weeks in advance.

Well-behaved dogs are welcome to join you on a lead.

Wanting to bring your little one? Take a look at our kids menu and enjoy dinner in Grasmere at The Yan.

Pre-ordering is necessary for tables of 5 people and over. However, we can take pre-orders for everybody. This will ensure that you can always have your favourite dish.

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All our dishes are freshly made in-house, cooked to order and our produce is sourced locally. 

If you have specific dietary requirements, we are more than happy to cater for them, just let us know in advance.

*our menu is subject to change depending on the availability of seasonal produce.

Our full bistro menu is available to residents of the farm for a Yan delivery, whether you've hunkered down in one of our Bistro Bedrooms, cozy Glamping cabins or homely Lakeland cottages, just choose what you would like from our seasonal menu and we will bring it to you!

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The Kitchen at The Yan Bistro - Dinner in Grasmere
The Yan Grasmere Food



LITTLE SOMETHING TO NIBBLE. Olives and cornichons bound in a French dressing. £6.95 V/DF/GF (Vg available).

‘UMMUS. Pea & mint hummus topped with goats cheese, toasted seeds, served with tortilla breads. £7.75 (DF/Vg/GF available).

AVO LAUGH. Chilli & lime smashed avocado topped with crayfish tails, house smoked salmon, sriracha ketchup, dill mayo and bread crisps. £9.95 (DF/GF available).

LAMB RIB. Honey & ginger marinaded Grasmere Herdwick lamb rib, Cajun spiced sweetcorn purée, pickled red onions, chimichurri sour cream and charred sweetcorn. £10.45 GF (DF available).

IP DIP DO. A pot of sun dried tomato, chilli & basil pesto dip, spring onion & mature cheddar cheese toasties, for dipping and dunking…obvs, and a heritage tomato and balsamic salad on the side. £9.95

SMOKEY SUMMER SALAD. We’ll give you a clue…it’s not your average salad! Smoked Cumbrian chicken, mozzarella, broad beans, smoked cherry tomatoes, wild garlic pesto, parmesan seed crisps and a roasted tomato purée. £10.45 Don’t fancy the chicken? Go veggie! £8.85 GF/DF (V/Vg available).


OUR NOW FAMOUS SHEPHERD’S PIE. Made with slowly braised Grasmere Herdwick lamb, cheesy mash potato, cured ham and parsley garden peas…if you have not tried this yet, you need to! £24.95 GF

DUCK YAN-BALAYA. Confit duck leg in jerk seasoning with a Cumbrian chorizo Jambalaya, charred sweetcorn, and a lime & pepper salsa sauce. £24.95 GF/DF

FISH PIE. House smoked salmon, haddock and tiger prawns in a creamy white wine and parsley sauce. All topped with a saffron and tarragon mash and cheddar cheese. £21.95 GF

HASH BROWN. Crispy potato hash brown with a butterbean ratatouille, goats cheese, wild garlic pesto, smoked cherry tomatoes and parmesan seed crisps. So good, the meat eaters will be jealous…£17.95 V/GF/DF (Vg available)

YAN LAMB. Minted, slow cooked, Grasmere Herdwick lamb shoulder wrapped in cured ham with a pea mash, ratatouille, olive gravy and spring onions. £19.95 (GF/DF available)

MONKFISH ‘SCAMPI’. Breaded and curried, monkfish tail ‘scampi’ with triple cooked chips, sriracha sauce, mushy peas, and tartare sauce. £23.95 DF

INDI-YAN BURGER. Breaded Cumbrian chicken breast in a delicious tandoori marinade, with extra tandoori Greek yoghurt, pickled cucumber, mango & chilli chutney, fresh chilli, crispy onions and gem lettuce all in a toasty brioche bun…yes really, all of that in one bun! With onion bhajis and a tandoori dipping sauce on the side. £20.95

NOT JUST ANY RISOTTO. Creamy, delicious risotto made with saffron, truffle, Applewood smoked cheese, sun dried tomatoes and spring onions. Topped with pickled radish, broad beans, asparagus, and toasted seeds. £17.95 V/GF

The Yan Bistro Restaurant



Rack of Cumbrian pork ribs in a cider, honey & black treacle glaze. With a chorizo, sausage & spring onion mac n cheese, corn on the cob with a chimichurri butter and crispy onions, salad made of our tastiest pickles and a BBQ dip. Yeeeee-Haw! £44.95 (DF available)

YAN NAAN. House made naan bread loaded with curried, slow cooked, Cumbrian beef brisket, paneer cheese, wild garlic pesto, tandoori Greek yoghurt, mango & chilli chutney, fresh chilli’s and micro coriander. With onion bhajis, a bowl of our delicious lentil dahl, yoghurt with cucumber & mint, and a nigella seed and pickled radish salad. £40.95 Don’t fancy the beef? Go veggie! £37.95  (V available)

VEGGIE-YAN. Yan BBQ & chilli butterbeans, baked with halloumi and local mature cheddar cheese then topped with chimichurri sour cream, charred sweetcorn, pickled red onions. With triple cooked chips, green beans, smoked tomatoes and charred courgette, and a lime and pepper salsa sauce. £38.95 Don’t fancy sharing? This can be done for one! £19.95 V/GF (DF/Vg available)


Shoestring fries with oregano. £3.95 GF/DF/V/Vg

Bread crisps. £3.95 V/DF/Vg

Pickles Salad £3.95 V/Vg/DF/GF

Sourdough & butter. £3.95 V (Vg/DF available)

Portion of veggies, green beans, smoked tomatoes, and courgette. £3.95 GF/DF/V/Vg


Click here to have a look at our Kids menu, fuel for those tiny tummies!

The Yan Diners
Sunday Lunch Pudding


STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING. Toffee sauce with vanilla Three Hill’s Gelato or clotted cream. £9.95 V

LIMONCELLO MOUSSE. Chocolate mousse topped with lady fingers soaked in earl grey tea and limoncello. Limoncello cheesecake, Oreo crumb and chocolate shards. Think the ultimate hybrid between limoncello tiramisu and chocolate mousse…Chocolatey, zingy, boujee…treat yo’self! £9.95 V (GF/DF available).

SUMMER PUD. Elderflower and mixed berry summer pudding filled with clotted cream. Berry sauce, fresh strawberries, raspberry sorbet and seed brittle. Re-vamped from our very first menu, in celebration of our 5 year anniversary this absolute farm fave is making a reappearance! £9.95 V

TART. Puff pastry tart filled with a passionfruit custard, Greek yoghurt, raspberry sauce, caramelised white chocolate, and raspberries filled with a passionfruit Greek yoghurt. £9.95 V

THREE CHEESE BOARD. Made up of three amazing British cheeses that have been carefully selected and taste tested by us! Served with bread crisps, chutney, and fresh fruit, all made here at The Yan. £10.95 (GF available).


Pre-ordering is necessary for tables of 5 people and over. However, we can take pre-orders for everybody. This will ensure that you can always have your favourite dish.

Read more here about why we love a pre-order!

We can take bistro bookings of up to 14 people, please contact us directly to make a group booking.

Open for epic Sunday roasts every Sunday from - 1pm to 7pm! Click here to look at our menu.

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