Situated just outside Grasmere village, our licensed Yan Bistro promises a delicious seasonal menu inspired by our farm’s history. Rustic Cumbrian classics, nostalgic British favourites and exciting modern dishes, all made from the outstanding local ingredients with which Cumbria is blessed.

Kitchen Hours : Monday to Friday from 4:00pm to 8:45pm, Saturday & Sunday from 3pm to 8:45pm 

Breakfast : 8am to 9:15am

Book a Table

Pre-ordering is necessary for tables of 5 people and over. However, we can take pre-orders for everybody.

This will ensure that you can always have your favourite dish.

Non-resident August bistro availability will be released on Sunday 10th July. 

Well-behaved dogs are welcome to join you on a lead.


All our dishes are freshly made in house, cooked to order and our produce is sourced locally. Will has done all the hard work for you by creating these dishes, which means there should be no need for you to design your own. Please do not ask us to alter them, as refusal often offends.

If you have specific dietary requirements, we are more than happy to cater for them, just let us know in advance.

*our menu is subject to change depending on availability of seasonal produce.


'Eggs' - Two eggs, poached, fried or scrambled. On thick cut, buttered, sourdough toast £6.95 V

'The Yan Brekkie' - Thick cut buttered sourdough toast, topped with streaky & back bacon, fried field mushrooms, baked tomato, runny poached egg and hollandaise sauce £11.95

'Salmon & Eggs' - House smoked salmon and creamy scrambled eggs on thick cut sourdough toast. £11.75

'Beans on Toast ' - Yan baked beans with a roasted field mushroom on thick cut sourdough toast. £8.95 V (Vg available)

Jazz up your brekkie with additional items of sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs and spicy beans from £1.25

Please note our eggs are fresh Broadrayne farm eggs, if you would like regular lion stamped eggs instead just let us know on ordering.


All sarnies come in a plump floury bap! 

Four rashers of streaky & back bacon. £6.95

Three Cumberland sausages. £6.95

Two roasted flat field mushroom. £5.95V (Vg available)

Two fried egg. £5.95V

Add a fried egg +£1.25


Homemade muesli with yoghurt and seasonal fruit £5.25 V

Creamy porridge topped with berries, nuts and honey £5.95 V

Freshly baked croissant, butter & jam £3.95 V

Thick cut sourdough toast with butter & jam £3.95 V


LITTLE SOMETHING TO NIBBLE. Olives and cornichons bound in a honey mustard dressing.  £5.75 V/DF/GF (Vg available)

BABA GANOUSH. For those of you not in the know (…Dad!), this is a roasted aubergine dip topped with spiced toasted seeds. Toasted tortilla breads. £6.75 Vg/DF (GF available)

HOUSE SMOKED SALMON. Potted in clarified butter with Morecambe Bay shrimp and cray fish tails, spring onions, fresh herbs, and lemon. Grape and chilli chutney and bread crisps. £11.95

LAMB SLIDER. Slowly braised shoulder of Grasmere Herdwick lamb in a mini brioche bun, topped with pea and mint relish, whipped feta, and pickled red onions. Side salad of smoked tomato, pea and mint relish, whipped feta, toasted seeds and dressed pea shoots. £8.95 (GF/DF available) 

YAN PULLED PORK TACOS.Slow cooked Cumbrian pork shoulder bound in our Yan BBQ sauce. In our crispy taco shells, topped with truffle oil and parsley Mayo, charred corn on the cob and pickled shallots. £8.95 (GF available) 

BHAJI BITE. Onion bhaji on a pickled carrot & rocket salad, curried houmous, toasted seeds. £7.95 V/DF


OUR NOW FAMOUS SHEPHERD’S PIE. Made with slowly braised Grasmere Herdwick lamb, cheesy mash potato, cured ham and parsley garden peas… if you have not tried this yet, you need to!  £18.95 GF

GARSIDES BACON CHOP. Honey mustard glazed Cumbrian pork chop. Chorizo and green bean Mac 'n' Cheese, charred pickled onion and roasted red pepper relish. £17.95 

ROASTED MACKEREL. Roasted mackerel fillet on a bed of butter beans in a creamy saffron, spring onion and fresh herb sauce. Whole roasted pak choi. Apple, pepper, and lime salsa.  £21.95 GF

YFC KEBAB. (… Yes, you read that right, it’s still on the menu after absolute UPROAR when we suggested we were going to change it!) Our Yan flat bread, filled with crispy fried Cumbrian chicken breast, paprika mayonnaise, and pickled red onion. Garlic yoghurt, jalapeno dressing (HOT... don’t worry it’s on the side!) and roasted corn salad. £19.95

HADDOCK CROQUETTES. Spiced haddock and chimichurri croquettes. Vegetables in Thai red curry sauce, roasted sweet pepper and fresh lime. £18.95 DF

FRESH VEGETABLE AND HERB BROTH. Roasted butternut squash, in a fresh vegetable and butter bean broth topped with parsley and horseradish dumplings, and a wedge of smoked crispy cabbage.  £16.95 Vg

BEEF BRISKET. Slow cooked, traditionally aged Cumbrian beef brisket. Butter beans in a creamy saffron, spring onion and fresh herb sauce. Whole roasted pak choi, lime and pepper salsa. £18.95 GF

ONION BHAJIS. On a curried houmous, green bean, pickled carrot & rocket salad, topped with smoked tomato, poppy, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds. £16.95 V/DF


Sourdough emmer (the only grain that grows in Cumbria!) bread & butter. £3.95 V

Portion of veggies - green beans, smoked tomatoes, and courgette. £3.95 GF/DF/V

Shoestring fries with Jerk seasoning. £3.95 GF/V

Mixed leaf salad.  £3.95 GF/DF/V

Bread crisps. £3.95 DF/V


SHARING (for two)


Shoulder of Grasmere Herdwick lamb, slow cooked in lemon, garlic and rosemary then wrapped in individual cured ham parcels…ensuring there is no fighting at the table! Spinach and feta pastry, lemon and rosemary roasted potatoes, courgette and pea fritters, tzatziki, roasted red onion, smoked tomato, and olive salad. Mint and olive gravy. £38.95 (GF/DF available)


Tandoori Cumbrian pork belly, Bombay potatoes & green beans, onion bhajis, Will’s delicious dahl, Yan paprika and cumin flatbread, curry pickle, yoghurt and mint dressing...Yes, all that on one delicious platter! £38.95 (DF/GF available)


Slow cooked, traditionally aged Cumbrian beef brisket topped with horseradish butter, crushed beetroot and herb potatoes, roasted green beans and shallots, smoked tomato and black-eyed bean ratatouille, garden peas with bacon chop bites, red wine beef gravy. £38.95 DF/GF


"FRUIT & NUT" MOUSSE. Traditionally made dark chocolate mousse. Topped with a rum cream, candied hazelnuts, almonds and raisin puree… A great option to finish on, if you’ve not really got room for more! £7.95 GF (DF available)

STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING. Toffee sauce with vanilla ice cream or clotted cream. £7.95

BANOFFEE CHEESECAKE. Brûléed banana pieces and brandy snap shards. £7.95

STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM TART. Tart case filled with elderflower and vanilla whipped cream. Compressed strawberries, strawberry & balsamic compote, meringue shards, basil sauce. £7.95 V

THREE CHEESE BOARD....for 2! Made up of three hand-picked local cheeses, our own bread crisps, grape and chilli chutney and compressed strawberries in balsamic glaze. £11.95 V (GF available)          


Kids sausage, fries, peas with Yan ketchup. £8.50 DF

Kids brisket burger in a floury bap, served with fries.£8.50 DF available

Kids spiced haddock and chimichurri croquettes. Vegetables in Thai red curry sauce, roasted sweet pepper and fresh lime. £8.50 DF

Kids veggie and bean broth, with butter nut squash, dumplings and a side of bread and butter.£8.50 DF(Vg available)

English Lakes vanilla ice cream, topped with maple syrup and marshmallows. £3.95 GF/V